Scientific spaces must be functional, efficient, safe, and flexible

Most importantly these spaces must be designed to meet the specific requirements of the science it is intended for.
Since 1985, Norlab has been helping clients meet those requirements with the design, supply, service and installation of laboratory FF&E, safety flooring, health and clinical care furniture, and life/bio science equipment.

Our products are designed and engineered to meet the changing needs and disciplines of modern scientific environments

We provide our customers with unlimited flexibility in product selection and customization, regardless of project scope and budget. Our broad product knowledge and fast access to industry leading suppliers allows us to easily expand our product offering, seamless adding new equipment and resources to the scope of work tailored to our clients’ individualized needs.

Our expanded product and services portfolio, combined with years of experience in laboratory design and advanced project management skills, allows us to design and supply optimized integrated solutions. We can support with total facility solutions (integrated systems) or individualized piece of equipment. If required, recommending substitutions that better aligns with the project’s schedule, budget, and application.

Our multidisciplinary approach eliminates the need of involving and managing multiple suppliers. Norlab is the only vendor who can support clients from start to finish while seamlessly integrating each of our interdisciplinary offering throughout all phases of the project. A model that eliminates barriers and decomplicates an already difficult process.

We partner with industry leading vendors and award-winning brands across the world, guaranteeing supply of innovative equipment that meets the strict safety requirements of the market we serve.

Norlab operates as a subsidiary of Solutions Group of Companies (SGC)

SGC is an Edmonton based commercial interiors services provider with national contracts with Alberta Health Services, University of British Columbia, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Government Services Canada, and others.