Life Sciences

Our Life Science offerings include non-proprietary components that simplify maintenance and enhance usability for laboratories, hospitals, biopharmaceutical manufacturers, morgues/mortuaries, and other life science and healthcare facilities. Steam sterilizers Necropsy workstations Dissection and gross anatomy tables SS casegoods Ancillary stainless-steel furniture and equipment


Furniture and equipment for pharmaceutical use must meet specific containment and cleanroom standards. Our specialized product selection features industry-leading designs, dependability, and cost-effectiveness for these high-demand settings Biosafety Cabinets Laminar flow hoods Fume hoods and enclosures Ancillary stainless-steel furniture and equipment Height adjustable tables Cleanroom rated casework Laboratory Casework Systems Modular Pharmacy Casework Systems


Industry-leading laboratory casework systems and accessories. We offer a wide range of SEFA 8 rated laboratory casework for various applications. Our products are constructed with durable materials designed and engineered for low maintenance and high functionality. Our aim is to provide a safe, comfortable, and productive work environment while also appealing to the design aesthetic […]


Our design team, along with top vendors, specializes in healthcare projects ranging from small clinics to large continuing care spaces and hospitals. We prioritize cleanability, durability, adaptability, user comfort and SAFETY in every piece of healthcare equipment and furniture we offer. Biosafety Cabinets Laminar flow hoods Fume hoods and enclosures Steam Sterilizers and washing equipment. […]


Our state-of-the-art evidence processing technology is proven to be precise and reliable. It allows for easy repetition of specific procedures and ensures a secure chain of custody (strong evidence processing). Ensuring that the integrity of the evidence is maintained and that it can be traced back to its origin, it helps to prevent contamination, alteration, […]